Side effects you should be aware of

With any treatment, it’s natural to have concerns about the potential side effects. With nearly 30 years of clinical studies and real-world data, the safety of Strontium89 is well understood.

Blood-related side effects

Bone marrow suppression, when bone marrow is not able to produce enough blood cells, has occurred in people receiving Strontium89. As a result, white blood cell and platelet counts may be lower after treatment. If this occurs, blood counts usually return to normal without the need for additional treatment. However, your cancer care team may decide to treat these side effects with commonly used white blood cell and platelet increasing medications if appropriate.

Additional side effects may include

  • A temporary and mild increase in bone pain 36 to 72 hours after injection (additional pain medication may be taken if this happens)
  • A hot flush sensation for a few seconds right after getting the injection

These are not all of the side effects of Strontium89. If you have any questions or concerns about side effects, please contact your doctor.



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