Works at the site of pain

To understand how Strontium89 works, it helps to understand what happens to the bone when bone mets are involved. When bones are working right, new bone is forming while old bone is dissolving. Bone mets can change this natural process by causing more bone formation than normal. This can lead to pain.

Strontium89 is different from other types of pain relief treatment.

It works by delivering a radioactive material to the site of the bone mets. When Strontium89 is injected into the vein, it travels to areas of the bone where cancer is present and gives off radiation that destroys cancer cells. Strontium89 can treat multiple areas of the bone affected by cancer while causing minimal risk of damage to surrounding healthy cells. 

Strontium89 may cause bone marrow side effects which can result in lower white blood cell and platelet counts. Learn more about potential side effects.
A look at how Strontium89 works at the site of bone mets
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Strontium89 is injected into your vein over the course of 1 to 2 minutes

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Strontium89 travels to the areas of bone with bone mets

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There, it works by bringing small doses of radiation to the cancer cells

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Over time, Strontium89 may relieve the painful bone mets. Many patients feel pain relief within 7 to 20 days. Just one injection can last approximately 3 months.

Strontium89 is not an opioid. It is non-narcotic and non-habit forming.

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