Works well with other treatments

If your or your loved one’s current pain treatment plan isn’t providing adequate bone pain control, talk to your cancer care team. When added to many commonly used cancer treatments or to pain therapies, Strontium89 can effectively provide relief for painful bone mets.

Strontium89 was well-tolerated and effective when used with other common cancer treatments

In a study with chemotherapy, cisplatin*

  • 91% of participants receiving Strontium89 plus cisplatin found overall pain relief compared with 63% of participants treated with Strontium89 alone
  • Relief lasted for a median of 120 days in the Strontium89 plus cisplatin group compared with 60 days in the group treated with Strontium89 alone

In a study with the bone strengthening drug, zoledronic acid

  • 94% of participants responded to combination treatment, showing a reduction of pain
  • Participants experienced significant relief of bone pain across multiple types of primary cancer, including prostate, breast, and lung
*In a randomized phase III trial (n=70) comparing equal groups of participants receiving either Strontium89 plus cisplatin (arm A) with Strontium89 plus placebo (arm B).
In a study of participants with various types of cancer and painful bone metastases (n=51), found that pain due to bone metastases was significantly improved (P<0.001) across multiple types of primary cancer, including prostate, breast, and lung, with no grade significant bone marrow suppression.
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